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Sneak Attacks
By Sheridan "Pete" Peterson


December 17, 2005

Hey Mike, promise you won't turn me over to the FBI or Homeland Security. I wouldn't want to end up at Guantanamo. I know all about torture. The CIA operatives told me all about it. Much worse than Abu Graib. I'm too old (79) to be dunked head first in a bucket of buffalo dung. My heart couldn't take it.

You're a bit rough on Kerry and Dean. Even your old man would consider your accusations a big extreme. Being of the elite and not serving in a combat unit how would you know if the GI's engaged in genocide? They all had photos in their wallets to prove it. Those 30% that actually engaged the enemy. That was the macho thing to do. Of course, Americans don't want to know about that, do they? Too disturbing? Truth hurts.

You've got this thing against Democrats. I don't like them either but for a very different reason. They're wimps. They complain about occupying a sovereign nation in order to control the oil and then they all vote to stay there, all but three. Hypocrisy. I guess.

You are probably sincere. How would you know what Kerry did in Vietnam? You weren't there. You could have been, but like Cheney, and Bush and all the rest of the Bushites, you chose not to. If you'd seen a napalm drop on a resettlement camp or village, you may feel differently. Nights have horrible nightmares if you have the sensitivity that I have.

Unfortunately many of our fellow Americans don't seem to have any sensitivity. That's what Winter Soldier is all about. They thought if the American people knew the truth they'd stop the slaughter of all those millions of Vietnamese people. They were wrong. No one wants to know. Well, almost no one.

Then of course there was the Iran/Costa debacle, wasn't there. Hey, what ever happened to your ballet? That seems like a better vocation than propagandist.

Sheridan "Pete" Peterson
Windsor, CA - USA


About: Sheridan "Pete" Peterson is a World War II Marine who served in the Pacific Theatre of Operation. He spent seven years in Vietnam throughout most of the War. As a refugee advisor in the Mekong Delta, he stated he witnessed atrocities on a regular bases.


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