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Bridges Supported by Whom?
By Don Hoff Jr.


December 18, 2005

Governor Frank Murkowski (R-Alaska) is trying to ram a "bridge to nowhere" down our throats in Ketchikan, Alaska. Gravina Island a hub to where? Gravina Island is home to only about 15 families.

In my opinion, the only people that are pushing this project are a few opulent people in Ketchikan that have conflicts of interests and want the taxpayers to build roads and bridges to their properties on Pennock Island and Gravina Island. Wake up Alaska, these few folks in the land and timber industry just want to exploit the natural resources with impunity. I don't trust Governor Frank Murkowski, can you?

Let's not forget that Governor Murkowski's family owns property on Gravina Island near Ketchikan, Alaska. There are family owned 33 acre old gold mine plots named Goldstring and Goldstone. These sites valued at $250,000 are just south of Clam Cove on Gravina Island. (Gee, isn't that where they want to pioneer a road, Clam Cove?) I guess if I were going to retire from politics soon, I would push a bridge project costing $315 million dollars on the taxpayers so I can drive over to my property on Gravina Island.

This bridge is not for economic development sake but a cover for a few people that wanted a bridge just to get to their properties. It is called, "greed". These deceitful people have been lying to you for 30 years or so about this proposed bridge. How wonderful it would be for the community. It is all lies. It is just a flim flam on Alaskans. As a normal hard working 'Joe Citizen of Ketchikan' has to ask, how is this bridge really going to benefit me? Who's going to pay the bridge maintenance? It's your money.

I know the issues about the "bridge to no-where"! I say no to your bridge in Ketchikan. It was a stupid idea 30 years ago and it is really a stupid idea today to build a bridge on speculation.

It is time for a public vote on the issues of A.N.W.R., gas lines, and bridges. Even Iraqi citizens get to vote on important issues that affect them.

In closing, We don't want the bridge in Ketchikan to Gravina Island via Pennock Island. I don't recall the windfall revenues from Alaska oil belonging to Governor Murkowski and his administration. Last I heard it belongs to the citizens of Alaska. Don't be spending money that doesn't belong to you. This is my opinion only,

Don Hoff Jr. aka Aan Kadax Tseen
Gaanax adi Clan
Yei l Hit
Taan Ta Kwaan
Hixson, TN - USA


About: Don Hoff Jr. was born and raised in Ketchikan. He was a resident for 42 years and recently moved to the Chattanooga TN area. He belongs to the Taan ta Kwaan or Tongass Tribe and says he's indigenous to Ketchikan area as far as your eyes can see. Former City Council, Former Vice-Mayor of City of Ketchikan. He said he served his time in politics.



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