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Christmas Tree... Star... Boat Parade
By Tom LeCompte


December 17, 2005

Mr. A.M. Johnson's comments about the Community Christmas Tree are right on.

.....And since we're on the subject, I used to love the star that was way up on the mountain on Gravina by the KPU repeaters. I'd love to see that again and would even help pay for it. How about KPU, at least for next year?

...And I won't be here, but thanks to the organizers of the Christmas Boat Parade. I miss it terribly when I'm not here, love it when I am. It's just one of the other unique things that make Ketchikan a great place to live.....Kind of like SITNEWS.....So many thanks and best seasonal wishes to Dick and Mary Kauffman for this wonderful 1st Amendment opportunity.

Blessings on your Christmas Holiday,

Tom LeCompte
Ketchikan, AK - USA


Note: Tom LeCompte is an 18 year resident, a teacher, and a voter.


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