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Hope for Ketchikan's Bridge
By Rick Grams


December 16, 2005

On Thursday I was thrilled to read the daily web edition of the Forbes' magazine which relayed the news about Ketchikan's continued hope for a bridge to Gravina Island (Forbes' article, 12/15/05).

While the funding is planned for 2007, it is by no means a done deal. As the Governor has listened to the majority of the people, it is now time for all of us in favor of the bridge to continue expressing our support for this project to the rest of our state. Emphasizing the economic opportunities, greater land management, increased investment options and more are some factors to mention.

Although there are people around the country that do not agree with our hopes, they do not have to live in our current (and stagnant) economy on a daily basis either. Certainly, if we had a local economic market that connected to other another local economic market right across the street our own economy would not be in its current state but that just is not the case.

However, with a bridge we can enhance our local economy with jobs, land transactions, and hopefully corporate investments which would bring even more jobs to the area. It's very simple to those that don't live here to mock us and criticize us but the truth is they just don't understand. For what they call "nowhere" is most definitely our very own "somewhere."

Rick Grams

Ketchikan, AK - USA


Note: Rick Grams has lived in Ketchikan since June of 2000. He has four children, all of them grown and living in Ketchikan as well. Rick belongs to the Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce and has recently started his own consultancy relating to business and the use of technology.



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