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Mr. Ahmadinejad, Iran's dictator and his threats
By Mark Neckameyer


December 14, 2005

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called the Nazi Holocaust a ``myth'' and said Europe, the U.S. and Canada should use their own land for a Jewish state.  He has also recently threatened Israel with an atomic attack; very brave for a country perhaps on the verge of developing its first nuclear weapon while Israel has had, by all reports, a very capable  nuclear/thermal nuclear capability for decades.  Mr. Ahmadinejad is probably boasting and bluffing but given his threats, a misread or radar error on the part of an obviously frightened and alerted Israel might see Iran completely obliterated.  Maybe that wouldn't be such a bad thing!  Iran is one country that could do with a "start-over"!
Certainly there were many European Jewish refugees of the Nazis settled in Israel in the 1940s and 1950s but there has always been a significant Jewish presence in the Middle East.  When the colonial powers, the British mostly, disposed of the land taken from the Ottoman Empire, the World War 1 losing side early in the Twentieth Century, they set aside a small part of the Middle East for Jews, today's Israel and gave most of the land to the majority Muslims ... the pretty much fair way it appears today.  With the European powers and influence gone, there was an explosion of Muslim fanaticism which lead to the expulsion of Jews and Christians from Muslim lands.  The Jewish  refugees moved in with their brethren in Israel and the Christians resettled in Europe and the US fleeing Jewish owned properties in Muslim cities and towns in Iran, Egypt, Iraq and other Muslim nations.  Does Mr. Ahmadinejad plan to give those lands and homes back as part of his plan?
The modern democracy of Israel has presented its citizens with a high standard of living and with the most basic human requirement ... freedom.  Iran is a backward, militaristic country whose citizens live in an almost Sadaam Hussein-like fear of their government.  It is said that people get the government they deserve.  It is up to the citizens of Iran to topple the warlike Mullahs and their designated dictator, Mr Ahmadinejad, before he gets them all killed.
Mark Neckameyer
Irvine, CA - USA

Note: Mark Neckameyer is a retired professional. He supports our troops and has a grandson who has served in Iraq.



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