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Bush has a plan
By Mark Neckameyer


December 14, 2005

Letter to the Editor
So Jake thinks FDR was a wonderful President who laid out a plan for victory after Pearl Harbor while George W, Bush has not done likewise today?  Nonsense!
FDR was a great President WHEN HE FINALLY GOT AROUND TO DOING SOMETHING.  The Nazis attacked and conquered France, Poland, almost took England while we sat here doing nothing.  Sure, sure times were different but Democrats were the same wishy washy characters then as they are now.  The enemies of freedom were taking over the world, killing millions of innocents around the globe while our Democrat government did zilch until our Navy was destroyed because we were too dumb to prevent it.  Great job FDR!
Sadaam was a threat so George W. (his father George HW Bush too) acted before the entire world was set aflame and did something to protect all the free people of the world.  The terrorists destroyed the World Trade center so we went out, under our President's leadership and destroyed their bases, sent them into hiding in caves and sent most of them to prison in places like Guantanomo.  What did Bill Clinton and the Dems do while Islamic fascists bombed our bases, New York Buildings and ships?  Does "Let me show you what you can really do with a cigar", sound familiar.
War is tough and global political success is hard to accomplish but today's Democrats just love to cowardly sit on the sidelines and criticize while being weak and unsure of what to do ...except to be critics of those really saving our butts.
Mark Neckameyer
Irvine, CA - USA


Note: Mark Neckameyer is a retired professional. He supports our troops and has a grandson who has served in Iraq. Neckameyer volunteers for the Republicans helping with voter registration. He is also devoted to rescuing cats, seeking proper care and placement for them.

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