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By Kevin Mackey


December 13, 2005

Bridges? I like driving over bridges! Right now I'm in St. Petersburg, Russia, a city connected by over 300 bridges. It's amazing here. The history, the sites, and not to mention the women. But really, how big would this city be without all of it's bridges?

Don Hoff, the anti-bridge, seems to be against expansion. Against anything that's not native inspired. I'm Tshimshian. Killer Whale clan. There it is, I'm an Indigenous person. But what is the definition of indigenous? I'm indigenous to Seattle, because that's where I was born. But aren't I also indigenous to Ketchikan? That's where I live. That's where my heritage comes from. All I've got to say is, it doesn't matter to me who you are or where you're from. If you live there, you have a voice. I haven't seen anyone in Ketchikan trying to voice their opinion against anything that's happening in Hixson, or anywhere else for that matter. Just let it go. OR, move back here. I wonder why a person who's served so much time in Ketchikan as a Council member, and on the O.S.H.A. Review Board would want to move to a place like Hixson, and practice being an arm-chair Mayor.

Kevin Mackey
St. Petersburg - Russia


Note: Kevin Mackey is an 18 year old Ketchikan High School graduate.



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