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Winter Concert
By Tom LeCompte


December 12, 2005

Many many thanks to Conductor Roy McPherson and all the members of the Ketchikan Community Concert Band for their wonderful Winter Concert Sunday afternoon.

The band showcased a large variety of music and musical styles, presented with enthusiasm and professionalism. It was a ray of sunshine on an otherwise gloomy weekend.

When I looked over the roster of band members and how many are lifelong local participants it only strengthened my belief in the musical programs in our schools fostered these many years by Greg Morelli (retired), Sam Soderstrom, Dale Curtis, Christa Bruce (retired), Randy Bjur (retired), Tia Wilhelm, and of course Roy McPherson. I apologize if I missed any other former or current music educators.

The 49 outstanding musicians in the band, provide a great foundation for First City Players, The KCCB, and many other arts community endeavors as well.

Not every community of 13000 people gets to have music like the Windjammers and other youth groups, outstanding programs at Kayhi, as well as the Ketchikan Community Concert Band.

Well done and Thank you!

Tom LeCompte
Pennock Island, AK - USA


Note: Tom LeCompte is a 31 year educator including 22 in Alaska and 18 in Ketchikan. He is also an aficionado of the local arts community's many activities.



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