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By Phil Stark


December 07, 2005

When George Bush took the last-ditch contingency to favor secret, biased military-industrial disinformation, propaganda and innuendo over facts, and to gamble hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi and American lives, to save us from the alleged remaining 1% of Saddams vaunted weapons of mass destruction, he took a hasty fools gamble and lost.

American troops are now paying painful reparations for our Defeat.

When I assail a neighbor over a false rumor, and my folly is proven, it is only appropriate to leave much chastened, not start cleaning house. Who runs Iraq may be Halliburtons business, but it's not Americas.

Without rebellion there would be no Liberty. Violent counter-terrorism brought about by denial is precisely what plays into the hands of terrorists with popular causes. America must, with Israel, embrace a final amicable end to this 50-year long World War III over Palestine and Jerusalem with the Muslim world, nothing less will ever be a Victory.

Victory over this sad Iraq debacle should start with a humble apology.

Phil Stark
Rochester Hills, MI - USA


Note: Phil Stark's is a 53 year old former political science major. He trained/worked as an electronics technologist and technical writer. He was an award winning delegate for both Afghanistan and Libya in model UN meetings in Detroit in the late seventies. He stated in his background, "Our prescient analysis of the world's religious fascist eventualities, and the conflicts they'd inevitably led to, resulted in my election to the Secretariat."


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