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Intolerant Christophobes
By Pat Long


December 03, 2005

Well put, Rep. Lynn. Since we are in the majority, we Christians need to get off our duffs and out of our complacency and stand up for our beliefs. For too long we have sat silently, hoping it would blow over. Now that the whole basis of our country is threatened, we had better get moving, fast and loudly and furiously. Most people I have talked with are furious about the attempt to take Christ out of Christmas and everything else, but their only protest is to not say "Have a happy holiday".

What day is it? "It's Christmas!" What are we celebrating? "Jesus' birthday!" and God's gift to man. If you don't believe this, fine. You don't have to. But let us have our beliefs and traditions. You can have yours, too, if there are any, whenever you choose and we won't bother you.

But it is up to those in power to stop this insanity. Legislators, governors, mayors, judges - they can do something. I'm sure they are not all "Christophobes". And we have to let them know that we are unhappy and want some changes.

When I was in grade school, the big bullies became cowards and backed off when confronted by a gang of us.

Pat Long
Ketchikan, AK - USA


Note: Pat Long is a retired physical therapist and a senior citizen. She has lived in Ketchikan for 41 years, She describes herself as a Christian, brought up with all the traditions, both secular and religious, of the Christmas season.


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