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U.S. Shrimp Industry
By Joey Rodriguez


December 02, 2005

A recent study sponsored by the environmental group Oceana had some great news about environmental improvements made by the U.S. shrimp industry, but you wouldn t know it from the December 1, 2005 Scripps Howard article.

For example, the study acknowledges that the U.S. shrimp industry has made tremendous improvements to fishing gear that allow 97% of sea turtles to swim free of shrimp nets. It also found that in the U.S. shrimp fishery is sustainable and not overfished.

The average U.S. shrimp bycatch ratio is between 70% and 90% below worldwide shrimp bycatch ratios due to the use of bycatch reduction devices. That is why Monterey Bay Aquarium s Seafood Watch recommends, that consumers Avoid imported shrimp whether it is wild-caught or farmed. But they call U.S. shrimp a good choice.

U.S. shrimpers are working with environmental groups, academics, and government agencies to minimize our impact on the environment. It has been difficult for shrimpers to invest in environmental improvements at a time when fuel prices are rising and illegally dumped shrimp imports have reduced the value of shrimp, so when environmental groups acknowledge our progress, it deserves some attention.

Joey Rodriguez
Tarpon Springs, FL- USA

Note: Joey Rodriguez is President, Southern Shrimp Alliance.


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