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We did just say "NO"
By Charlotte Tanner


December 02, 2005

Mr. Don Hoff Jr., Alaskans are unable to just say no to Governor Murkowski, we tried to do so when he asked us about purchasing his leather seated jet. We did just say "NO".

Governor Murkowski went ahead and borrowed the money from the state (meaning we Alaskans) and purchased his jet anyway.

I imagine we could say no to the "Bridge to his property" until we were blue in the face, and he would not hear this simple word.


Charlotte Tanner
Ketchikan, AK - USA


Note: Charlotte Tanner came to Ketchikan in 1968 on the M/V Wickersham,. She lived in Petersburg for 16 years, and returned to Ketchikan in 1994. She has raised two children who are now in college, and are members of KIC. Tanner is an artist, she has two dogs, and she is a gardener.

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