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Tlingit Master Carver Rescued After Hunting Trip


December 28, 2004

Ketchikan, Alaska - Tlingit Master Carver Nathan Jackson was rescued Monday after he was unable to find his boat after a deer hunting trip on Bold Island.

Alaska State Troopers were contacted at the Mountain Point boat launch by Rebecca Lakouad of Ketchikan Monday afternoon at approximately 5:00 pm advising them that her father Nathan Jackson, age 66 of Ketchikan had not returned home from a day hunting trip.

From the boat launch area, Troopers began scanning the bay with a spotlight and saw a flashing light near Race Point at the northern tip of Annette Island - a light they believed served as a rescue signal. The United States Coast Guard and Troopers responded to the northern tip of Annette Island in the USCG's 47 foot vessel. Once underway, the Station Ketchikan crew used a smaller boat to approach the point where they located Jackson about 7:30 p.m. Jackson was transported back to the USCG station in Ketchikan.

Investigation revealed Jackson had exited the forest in the dark, and was unable to find his boat. Jackson was uninjured, and did not require any medical treatment.



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