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2004 Southeast Alaska Experienced Warmest Summer Ever


December 28, 2004

Ketchikan, Alaska - The National Weather Service in Juneau, reports that Southeast Alaska had the warmest summer ever experienced in this region. This can be attributed to a large persistent upper level high pressure area that was positioned over most of the panhandle and the Yukon Territory which deflected most of the low pressure storms more south or north of the area.

Brian Tassia, Climate Program Leader of the National Weather Service in Juneau, reported some of the amazing statistics that occurred:

  • The highest temperature, unofficially, was 103ºF at a remote weather station on Prince of Wales Island. This exceeded the official statewide temperature of 100ºF at Fort Yukon in 1915.
  • The Weather Service located on Annette Island approximately 20 miles from Ketchikan recorded the all time high temperature of 93º on June 19, 2004. This beat the all time record of 90ºF of August 8, 1960. The following day, June 20, 2004, Annette reached 91º.
  • Juneau had 42 days of 70ºF weather, which beat the old record of 32 days in 1948. In addition, Juneau had a record of twelve day of 80ºF days. The previous record was seven set in 1951.
  • Annette, Sitka, Haines, Juneau and many other towns beat their all time summer average temperatures generally by between 1 and 3 degrees.

Ketchikan's high for June 2004 reported by the Flight Service Station located at Ketchikan International Airport was 84ºF on June 21st. On June 19th, 83ºF was recorded.


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