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Governor says Anchoarge Daily News displays the wrong kind of restraint


December 18, 2004

Juneau, Alaska - On Thursday, Alaska Governor Frank H. Murkowski announced that the three major oil producers had submitted a response to the state's financial terms concerning a natural gas pipeline. The announcement marked the first time in 50 years that the producers had proposed building a natural gas pipeline.

"I looked all over the front page and found no mention of, what I and numerous people who attended our announcement yesterday agreed is the most significant news development in the gas pipeline story to come along in decades," Governor Murkowski said.

The Governor said, the Anchorage Daily News found room on their December 16th front page for a story about several car restraint devices for pets, but no mention of the state's gas pipeline progress. Instead, the story ran on the Money Section in the back of the newspaper, Murkowski said.

"This issue is so important to Alaskans and the future of our state. To have the state's largest newspaper bury it on the Money section is unconscionable," Murkowski said. "I'm thinking about buying a parakeet so that the Anchorage Daily News can finally have some relevance in my life."


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