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On anniversary, test your Pearl Harbor knowledge
by Lisa Hoffman
Scripps Howard News Service


December 07, 2004

On another anniversary of that infamous day, America's personal connection to the Pearl Harbor attack is receding farther and farther into history.

But even with the passing years, and despite the dwindling of the ranks of GIs who survived the Dec. 7, 1941, Japanese assault on U.S. forces in Hawaii, the day remains one of the most pivotal in the nation's past.

Even today, history buffs, World War II vets and school kids flock to Internet sites to discuss both the minutia and big picture of the fateful attack, which occurred 63 years ago Tuesday.

Here's a quiz to test your own Pearl Harbor knowledge:

1. On which Hawaiian island were U.S. forces based?

a. Hawaii

b. Luau

c. Oahu

2. How many Japanese planes were launched in the first wave of attack?

a. 75

b. 183

c. 225

3. Of the eight U.S. battleships at Pearl Harbor, how many were sunk or badly damaged?

a. 5

b. 7

c. 8

4. Which was the only battleship to get under way during the attack?

a. USS Nevada

b. USS Virginia

c. USS Mississippi

5. How long did the Japanese attack last?

a. 30 minutes

b. one hour

c. between one and two hours

6. How many Americans lost their lives on the storied USS Arizona battleship?

a. 480

b. 810

c. 1,177

7. Who was the commander of the Japanese fleet?

a. Isoroku Yamamoto

b. Takajiro Onishi

c. Sadatoshi Tomioka

8. Who was the U.S. commander of the American fleet at Pearl Harbor?

a. Harold E. Kimmel

b. Kirk E. Husband

c. Husband E. Kimmel

9. What was the weather forecast code used by the Japanese in a news bulletin to signal the attack?

a. earth wind fire

b. north south sun

c. east west clouds

10. At about what time did the attack begin that Sunday morning?

a. 6 a.m.

b. 7 a.m.

c. 8 a.m.

11. Which of these is not a type of Japanese warplane?

Kate, Wanabi, Val, Zero

12. On what day did President Franklin Roosevelt sign the declaration of war against Japan?

a. Dec. 7, 1941

b. Dec. 8, 1941

c. Dec. 14, 1941

13. What is the name of the cemetery where lie many of the nearly 2,400 U.S. military personnel who died?

a. Punchbowl

b. Frying Pan

c. Dust Bin



1. c.

2. b.

3. a.

4. a.

5. c.

6. c.

7. a.

8. c.

9. c.

10. c.

11. Wanabi.

12. b.

13. a.


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