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Tsunami relief
by Joseph Branco


December 30, 2004

I never would have taken Mr. LeCompte for a closet liberal, but I stand corrected. In a strained attempt to link your dislike of Bush with what you consider not enough funding for Tsunami relief, you have revealed your ungrateful attitude for the aid already sent and your willingness to forget where the aid comes from - taxes. Liberals have no boundaries to their hypocrisy. You stand firm on saying we should give to help those less fortunate. Yet when we do, like the evil stepmother in Cinderella, we get the up-turned nose, disgusting grimace, and the enraging comment of "That's it? " How outrageous! Let me take a wild guess - you do not support the War against Terror (or as you call it - Bush's little revenge)? You belittle the helping of those subjected to the most inhumane acts of abuse and terror, yet up in arms that we do not send more money to aid in the tsunami relief? You need to burn your Democrat playbook looking for some pathetic avenue of attacking our President and have a little pride for your country and the amazing and gracious things we have done for every nation across this world. This is perhaps the one time in history that one nation has provided, for a brief moment, more to a global crisis relief than the US, and you are quick to queer this uninspired stat to fuel your liberal agenda. Why don't you just blame Bush for the Tsunami itself? The argument would be just as vacuous.

Mr. LeCompte, distance yourself from the warped reasoning of "University Thinking" What I mean by that is that educators in their overexamining a situation forget the rules of logic when formulating an opinion. The end result is a theory void of logical support. For example if you theorize that a frog in California is the cause of famine in Africa, you will find a series of links that validates this theory. Unfortunately, the theory is void of logic. Much of liberal ideology is based on this ridiculous premise. I call this thinking "University Thinking" because bored Professors who generally ignore their real job of educating the next leaders of America, decide instead to devote their life to proving ridiculous theories that feed their own flawed concept of reality and political affiliations. Understand that with enough searching and NoDoz - any outcome is possible. Have you ever considered that liberal social programs caused the Tsunami? I'll be in my office researching that!

Joseph Branco
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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