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Al Jazeera and Ramsey Clark
by Mark Neckameyer


December 29, 2004
Wednesday carried the following story in its December 28th edition;

"Former US attorney-general Ramsey Clark is to join Saddam Hussein's defence team, a spokesman for the ousted Iraqi president's lawyers says.  Ziad Khasawna said on Wednesday that Clark, who held the office of attorney-general under US president Lyndon Johnson, had "honoured and inspired" the legal team by agreeing to help defend Saddam.  Clark said in the Jordanian capital Amman that his principle concern was protecting the former president's rights, who only saw a lawyer for the first time this month - a year after his capture.

 "In international law, anyone accused of crime has the right to be tried by a confident, independent and impartial court, and there can be no fair trail without those qualities," he said.  "The special court in Iraq was created by the Iraqi governing council, which is nothing more than a creation of the US military occupation and has no authority in law as a criminal court," he said.  The Iraq Special Tribunal was established by the US-led administration in Iraq last December to try members of the former government. 

Clark also said, "The US itself must be tried for the November assault on Falluja, destruction of houses, torture in prisons and its role in the deaths of thousands of Iraqis in the war."

I read Al Jazeera because I want to read about what America's enemies are saying and planning.  Al Jazeera, is the Arab news network based in Qatar considered by many Westerners to be the voice of al-Qaida.  They are the folks who are pleased to publicize beheadings and all the other terror tactics of the murdering barbarians who kill our troops as well as anyone, Arab or not, who promotes or supports freedom in the Middle East.  As Al Jazeera gives the murderers a voice, Al Jazeera is culpable and I think despicable.

Ramsey Clark, The former U.S. attorney general recently called. "The War Criminal's Best Friend" by Salon Magazine, has become the tool of left-wing cultists as he also defends Slobodan Milosevic, and Rwandan torturers as anti-imperialist heroes along now with Saddam Hussein.  Not long ago Clark had the gall to say  that if Jesus was alive today, He would be a terrorist, comparing Jesus to Clark's murdering terrorist clients.

 Carrying the title of "Former U.S. Attorney General, having served President Johnson in the late nineteen-sixties, Clark is damaging the credibility of the United States abroad and is dangerous for all of us.  If the justice Deportment can crackdown on Mafia lawyers and drug kingpin attorneys based on the source of the funds that pay them, the Justice Department has got to be able to do something about the threat to our security who calls himself Ramsey Clark!

Mark Neckameyer
Irvine, California - USA



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