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U.S. Stingy?
by Mark Neckameyer


December 28, 2004

The head of the United Nations Disaster Relief Agency said that the United States was being "stingy" with relief for the victims of the tsunamis in Southern Asia.  I checked.  The U.S. initially pledged $35 Million.  The French who are much more involved in that part of the world and whose citizens often vacation and un businesses in the region .... does it surprise you ... The French pledged $135,000.  You would think that the French could part with at least a tiny bit of all that Oil for Food money they scammed  from starving Iraqi kids but I guess not.
Isn't it about time the UN headquarters moves out of here to somewhere more generous?  How about Paris.  The French and those corrupt, money grubbing, evil bureaucrats deserve each other!
Mark Neckameyer
Irvine, CA - USA



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