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Still fail to see the point
by Bill Thomas Sr.


December 27, 2004

Dear Sitnews,

I have had the occasion to meet Mr. Ted Wright and had some brief discussion on his ambition to be a player in offering an alternative to education for the native student population. Most of his shared ideals were appropriate. And I know he has solicited various Native organizations and forums for support.

The last time I spoke with Mr. Wright, he was the president of a higher learning facility somewhere in Southeast. I don't recall the exact location. I was impressed with his enthusiasm and optimism, however, I questioned the possibility of such an education facility and the resources to maintain such a facility for the long term. I'm not speaking in Ed Thomas' defense. He is very capable.

Forgive my ignorance. But after this elaboration by Mr. Ted Wright. I still fail to see the point he is so earnest in having recognized.

This is with all due respect.

Bill Thomas Sr.
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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