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New procedures?
by Archie Inoncillo


December 27, 2004

Hello all: First of all it's great to be home... There's some things that never change, but a lot has since I've been gone. I just wanted to take some time in talking about the holidays and all that stuff. It's a good time to be with family and friends. Anyway, I got to talking with a couple friends of mine about the basketball season and the Christmas Classic coming up. I heard about the security of the school nowadays.

I was informed that during games the front doors are locked and people must enter through the Sophomore hallway of Kayhi (Ketchikan High School). And that people must purchase a ticket to even be in the building. The commons also is not open for people to just lounge around anymore. I don't know if that's accurate but I just wanted to see what people thought about that.

My view on this is, that it's an effective way to go about things depending on what you're going for. What I see it as is they are trying to keep the security to keep a certain level so nothing really can go wrong or y'know fights don't break out or whatever. I'm not sure, but I was also told that to be in the building during that game a ticket must be purchased to be there. No younguns runnin' around unless they had a ticket. That would be good because then that would have more people in the bleachers and more ticket sales. I'm not really sure if I'm even that accurate on that though. If someone could clarify the real reason though of the change, it would be so helpful to me. Thanks.

Anyway, to refute to what I just said about that all, Yes... There is a certain amount of security that should be upheld. Understandably there should be adult figures around to make sure that things are safe. About the commons not being a place to be lounging around: sometimes that's the only place for some people to go. Also I'm aware the plasma screen is unable to do real-time live broadcasts at the moment, so I cannot use that to say anything about people who may not have money to get into the game.

Considerably though, some people just come to the game to hang out, and sometimes some have no place to go. Where are the younger people and/or children to go if they are to get restless watching a game? What's supposed to happen at half-time, is the commons open then? Or is everyone supposed to stay in their seats? I understand that body count helps with school spirit, and it helps look like it's the place to be. But sometimes y'all can't sit. I know I cannot sit at a basketball game, some may be able to attest to that.

Anyway... I was just hoping people could clear things up on why this new procedure is going down during the basketball events. I was hoping to be able to hang out with people at the school and catch up on stuff, but if I can't chill in the commons, I feel kind of like we've lost that spirit and feeling. I don't know... Thanks anyway.

Archie Inoncillo
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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