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by Rob Holston


December 20, 2004

About 6 weeks ago I was told by Ketchikan Gateway Borough staff that the borough would only negotiate with me for a location for Loggerville IF I agreed to three conditions. Those were: Drop the $20,000,000 law suit against the KGB; stop pursuing a DEC public hearing seeking a modification of the Ward Cove log storage permit; and suspend my campaign of public information. I agreed to their three terms and conditions and dropped the lawsuit, ended my request for a log storage permit and suspended my public awarness campaign. Once this was accomplished the borough staff informed me that eviction and/or public auction would proceed as previously scheduled! I felt duped. I moved Loggerville.

Romans 13:1 tells us to "...submit to governmental authority, obey laws and pay taxes out of a sense of service to God." This I gladly do. This country was founded by God fearing pilgrims and pioneers who crafted a democracy built upon the principles of "by and for the people." At the very foundation of these principles lies the important function of education, public awareness, discussion and arriving at truth for the common good of all. With this letter, I have now ended my period of suspended public awareness. For those who may not favor my position or question what, why or how I do things, I have included my email and my number IS listed. I will answer all of your questions honestly and completely. The following is a letter emailed to KGB Assembly and Staff Sunday.

RE: Ward Cove Sale Process & Purchase of 1656 & ATS 439

I have read the KDN description of the Ward Cove sale process and related information on the KGB web site.

The process seems to protect current lease holders such as the AMH, TY-Matt, Wood Technology as well as potential useres such as T.F.Inc.(veneer mill operator), the ethanol plant operator, the cold storage folks and other public concerns involving public works, clarifier basins, effluent and sludge facilities. The process does not seem to protect my business and potential business or others with current leases.

The staff and Assembly surely have very good reasons to support the long list of present site users and potential uses of the Ward Cove area. I would like to offer a few reasons to consider adding my business concerns to the list above.

1. Lighthouse Excursions has existed at mile 6 in Ward Cove since 2001.
2. Our company has grown steadily serving 14,000+ customers in '04.
3. Our customers paid over $25,000 in KGB sales taxes for our tour in '04.
4. KGB paid $0.00 for improvements or maintenance at mile 6 in '03 & '04.
5. KGB has publicly offered Loggerville an undisclosed east side location.
6. The site totals 2.62 acres, less than 8/10's of 1% of the W.C. total.
7. The Loggerville tour should create $75,000 per year in KGB sales tax.
8. Our retail shops should create another $50,000/year in KGB sales tax.
9. Total KGB tax revenue would be $150,000(est.) + property tax annually.
10. Lighthouse Ex. & Loggerville together should provide 30 FTE jobs.

Since the moving of Loggerville to the East side(at a cost of about $20,000) some Ward Cove rules have changed. Staff now says they will NOT ask what people are going to do with the property, as that would place the borough on "thin ice". I would suggest that providing jobs and tax revenue to the borough would remain primary considerations. We seek equal protection for ALL existing businesses. Please consider a policy that allows ALL exsisting businesses the right to purchase at fair market value, the lands and tidelands they presently lease from the KGB.

Thanks for listening,

Rob Holston
Lighthouse Excursion / Loggerville
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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