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Gloves are coming off
by Ken Lewis


December 17, 2004

OK, the gloves are coming off now! There is an evil empire out there! It comes in the form of Cuban cigar smoky room committees, governing bodies with private black helicopters, amateur coaches getting kick backs from the MTV awards, non-wolf lovers playing banjos, mean spirited slow drivers, men with suspiciously nice hair and most importantly the placement of that eagle by the tunnel. That's right North-Enders - do you think its fanny points at you for no premeditated reason?

It's time for a candle vigil, bring your mangy dogs, bring your kids that look like Willie Nelson, bring the fridge you store in the front yard. We shall over come.

Due to the fact, I am a lousy organizer; I am waiting for someone to take lead on this issue. Thanks to Tivo, I can record the Dukes of Hazard if this vigil conflicts with the 99 northerners march.

PS, there is nothing wrong with the eagle itself but I always thought that once an hour a plume of liquid should shoot out the back end. The tourist would love it. A good fortune myth could accompany those blessed by this event. I got a million ideas that could turn this place into Cabo of the North. Can't we all just get along? Rodney was a riot, funny too. Turning the eagle 180 degrees, I believe will change the mental health of most Alaskans.

Merry calendar-days during this wintry year when people put colored lights about their house and are confused as how to describe it, in public.

Ken Lewis
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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