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Proposed Cold Storage Facility
by Jay Jones


December 17, 2004

Mr Duckett's letter of Dec 15th seems to be long on conjecture, viewpoints, opinion but noticeably short on facts. The conclusion he seems to come to is that if a business venture is too risky for private enterprise to engage in that it is a legitimate function of state and local governments to act. It seems somewhat ironic that while he acknowledges that local citizens may be "burned" by past mistakes of these local entities he encourages the same citizens to endorse more of the same. He offers no proof that certain ventures would not have formed because of the risk involved. He obviously believes that it is a legitimate function of local government to subsidize risky ventures inspite of the past failures that have cost taxpayers millions. The balance sheet is in the red. He then seems to advocate that another function of local government is to protect private businessmen from adverse effects of this venture. Who, Mr. Duckett, is going to protect taxpayers from the adverse effects of said venture? If I were to draw conclusions without fact like he does in his long on eloquence, short on facts letter I might conclude that he, as a board member of a non-existent cold storage facility, stands to benefit personally from the risk of yet more taxpayers money.

Jay Jones
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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