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Re: Loggerville Witch-hunt, etc....
by Tyrell Rettke


December 15, 2004

I am glad to see that so many people are taking the time to post views on this issue, one that causes me a great deal of anger and confusion. I think it is very healthy for the locals of this island to express themselves here, as it is easy to post, and read comments. "The Process" is a better thing because of it. However, I am still shocked to see, that even though it is quite blatantly apparent to most, and after so many letters, speakers and what have you, the borough refuses to cease it's apparent "witch hunt", as one other poster put it (well worded I would add).

The KGB's (fitting, isn't it?) purpose in existing, as a government, is to provide roads and services for citizens. That is why we call the officers of the borough Civil Servants. Promoting businesses, with emphasizes on LOCAL businesses is part of its purpose as well. These are simple ideas that we hold to be obvious, don't we?

The problem, believe it or not, does not lay with the borough as much as we would like to believe. Yes, it is a small group of people that are actually doing these unsavory tasks and essentially putting Rob and in fact all of us, up to the stake, but we are to blame as well.

You see, we put these people in the position to do what they are doing.

I'm not suggesting that we have another recall as we did with the school board several years back. That is expensive for us. What I am suggesting is that we become more vocal. Yes writing letters is one thing, but how many meetings have you gone to regarding these things? I personally have not been nearly as active as I should, or would like to be. It's the same with most political topics, unfortunately, most people will sit and talk and talk, but not act on it, unless it really directly effects them. Shame on us.

Get out and go to a meeting. Call the assembly members, email them directly, even post here! It seems that many of them do frequent this site. The more people that get involved in the process, the better the system becomes. If talking to them does not work, then your next course of action is direct. Get together some like minded people and begin the process of putting a referendum through. Check the borough office for directions and regulations. The same packet (if I'm not mistaken) also shows the final course of action a citizen can take, recalling members of the various offices, but again, I am not suggesting this happen, just offering the facts.

Good luck Rob, and Jacob, I hope you will pursue your business ventures. This city needs them.

Tyrell Rettke
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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