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RE: Loggerville
by John Morris, Jr.


December 15, 2004

Loggerville, hmm what else can you complain about? It seems that all you do is cry about what could have been instead of what could be. I think the whole Loggerville is a farce. In my book the borough should go and sink it. This would alleviate a lot of headaches.

What else you could do is look at the real history of Ketchikan. It was used by the Sanyaa Tlingit people for centuries before the white man ever set foot in the area. You all should be looking into preserving what culture you have left there and enjoying it. I know there has been tremendous amounts of effort being put forth by a few and we applaud them for that. But for the greater part of Ketchikan there seems to be something missing. I think it is because people wasting a bunch of time and energy looking into things that don't bring anything in to the community of Ketchikan.

There should be more focus on building a Jr. High School so that the young have a place of study.

It's crazy the way politics play in Ketchikan. It's actually sort of funny when you sit back and watch it. They feed off of the Prince of Wales residents in the winter and feed off of the tourists during the summer. Then they board up downtown and go to the Caribbean.

SO Loggerville should remain a topic that should not waste any more of your time.

John Morris, Jr.
Sitka, AK - USA



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