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RE: Unsecured wireless networks
by Johnny Rice


December 13, 2004

Mr. Grams, thank you for the information regarding Wi-Fi, and the associated security concerns that one should keep in mind when experiencing the liberating but yet evolving world of surfing the world wide web without wires.

I would like to add that along with enabling the security settings in the router, one should also look at installing a firewall on each individual PC that accesses the web on that router. Whether it's the wireless laptop roaming around the home, and or the desktop plugged directly into the router.
A popular Firewall I think worth considering is Zone Alarm.

Another thing that many people do not realize is that if you purchase a router with a print server installed, your printer can exist as a stand alone device.

The advantage here is that no dedicated PC is needed to keep the printer 'alive' and ready to print.

Open the lid on the laptop, go sit on the couch and hit print when you find something interesting..

The print job is sent back to the router with the same wireless adapter that receives the internet data, and the printer prints the job.

The other advantage that comes along with owning a Wi-Fi router is that you have a few spare Ethernet ports to play with.

You can plug in devices like a Vongage or Packet8 VOIP telephony adapter, stand alone network attached storage device, stand alone Ethernet camera with its own IP address and HTML file that can be viewed on a browser anywhere on earth, and other neat stuff coming down the pike..

Surf safe, and surf often...

Johnny Rice
Ward Cove, Alaska

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