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It may be favoritism, but skill is needed
by Sam McDonald


December 12, 2004

As a student myself who got cut from the middle school basketball team, I too felt that I was cut due to favoritism. I hated the coaches who hadn't picked me as I went to practice to wait for my friend. The coach said that I had potential and that I could be a good player. This made me angry because if I had potential, why didn't he pick me so I could get better?

I went on to think that I was good enough to be on that team. But when I went on to play for the Kayhi C team I realized that the coaches had made the right choice by not picking me. I had a lot of work to do, and I needed to work on my speed, skill, and most importantly become a team player.

I admit that the coaches may have favoritism for their kids that they pick, but if the coach prefers to pick kids he knows and ones who will be an important asset to the team that's his call. Even though I didn't get picked for the team, I still came out with a lesson that will help my social skills. And I shouldn't be caught up in what I think I am skill-wise, but look at my skills based on the way I play and the actual talent I have.

Sam McDonald
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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