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Wonderful Memories of Baseball in Ketchikan
by Ross P. Bieling


December 12, 2004

I was sharing a photo album with my wife and children last evening that my 76 year old mother had designed when I came across a wonderful memory of my youth in Ketchikan.  My father was a Master Chief in the Coast Guard when we lived in Ketchikan in 1969. 

I was also a member of the Babe Ruth All Star team that traveled on Ellis Airlines PBY aircraft to compete in Juneau for the State Championship.  We won all three games by one run in winning thte Babe Ruth State Championship and had the experience of playing in Casper, Wyoming on grass fields with lights.  The championship game was an 11 inning ordeal which we won 4-3.  I was fortunate to have pitched 8 innings of the game.  We lost both games in the Babe Ruth Regional competition by 7-5 and 6-4.

However, I have wonderful memories of playing at the base of Deer Mountain on dirt fields.  June Allen's article on the history of baseball in Ketchikan made me proud to be a part of the storied history in some small way.  I look forward to sharing baseball with my son on whatever "flats" he elects to play on.

Ross P. Bieling


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