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Pat on the Back
by Joseph Branco


December 09, 2004

I would like to extend a brief pat on the back to the city counsel for its demonstrated support of the Ketchikan Visitor's Bureau. I was also surprised to see so many other services funded beyond recommendation. I am pleased that the elected body has finally embraced a community vision rather than the elementary "cuts equal revenue" approach. Tuesday was a welcome change for local politics. I hope this is the start of new chapter of economic stimulus and community investment. Sometimes a little investment matures to substantial revenues far exceeding the initial investment. Blindly cutting everything does little more than put a smile on an accountant's face for one month.

It was amusing and disturbing to see Lybrand's votes this past Tuesday. I was wondering why he even shows up for local government sessions. We can just put a sign that reads: "NO" at his seat and move on to the next official. This man has never listened to the community members or organizations that have taken the time and effort to address the local governments. I'm not sure what ideology he represents, but I think it can be easily described as anti-growth, anti-change, anti-anything that doesn't impact his immediate circle of bingo buddies. His dual role on both the City and Borough prompts me to dry heave.

On a personal note - I will be graduating with my MBA spring of 2007. No positions exist in this town for aspiring business professionals. The current Ketchikan market is a nightmare for would-be entrepreneurs. I'm not just mentioning this to scare people - it is simple to see our limited business potential by picking up a copy of the economic indicators and comparing them to any other town in the US. Local politics has a big impact on business investors. The way things are going lately, I see myself moving after I earn my graduate degree. I hope that will change. Did you hear that Lybrand? Only two and a half years to go!

Joseph Branco
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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