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Fund raising is a full-time job
by Marya Tyler


December 08, 2004

As the City decides whether to fund various non-profits, I hope that they consider these thoughts:

1) Some services are essential and others may just be valuable. The Transitional Living Center and the homeless shelter are essential. You can't turn your back on the poor and expect to prosper.

2) Looking for grants is a full-time job, and even then, there is still only a slim likelihood that you will find a grant willing to fund operational expenses. Meanwhile, while searching for grants, you are forced to neglect the services you are paid to provide. Eventually, the funding runs out and the doors close.

3) Fundraising is a full-time job. I suggest the Daily News, which seems to think it's a piece of cake, become a free (for-donation-only) newspaper and see how long they last.

Marya Tyler
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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