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by Mike McColley


December 07, 2004

I recently gave my thoughts on a coach that left a child behind. The child should have made the team which was a a great disappointment to the child. Not only is the child a good player but has good grades in school of A's and a few B's.

The coach should not have been allowed to show favoritism and shouldn't be allowed to coach in any more school activities. There is another coach that wanted to take over and I am sure he would have done an excellent job - and further more did not have friends' or his own children playing on the school team. Out of respect, I myself would have let this person take over the team. It was this person who coached this school team before and had a perfect record after all.

I hope the persons responsible realize that they have made a big mistake and not let this coach move up any further. When you leave better players off the team and make bad choices, people in charge of sports must realize there is a problem. Yes, your choices for picking this coach were really not in the best interest of basketball and the children.

I would like to thank all the parents that have called me and told me how bad it was for the child that did not make the team and the poor judgment this coach has brought into this community. And shame on the people that let him get away with it.

By the way I am not an irate parent but a hurt one that does the best I can to support those that need to be supported. That is what parents are suppose to do.

I can only hope that this goes no further in city sports also.

Mike McColley
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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