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A picture is worth more than words
by Robert McRoberts


December 05, 2004

Today we are all caught up in the battle to build a bridge to Gravina. If ten years ago you climbed up Deer Mountain and took a picture of our beautiful island it was basically untouched - a very beautiful view. What a cool picture from our front windows. At the present we look there - and from town where all the tourist see it - it's still beautiful. However, all the nice homes on Sunset Drive now have to look at the industries and the destruction of nature. I know we did need a place to expand but there should have been more thought before the leap.

In my younger days we would camp on the beaches over there - it was really cool. We could hear people talking on the Tongass at night just as if they were right next to us. The lights of town were cool to sit back and watch as we told stories. I can not remember how old we were - maybe 13. I shot my first deer back in Frances Cove, on the back side. I shot a few more where Seley's mill is. It's not just the Natives that get their food from there, we all have.

If this bridge does by the wildest chance go through, there will be so many people tromping around the animals will not be able to survive there any more. Right now you need to put out an effort to enjoy the island which makes it all the better. To me the Forest Service should be more interested in connecting the road system to Shelter Cove than trying to log the side of the mountain we all view. Plus that would open up more recreational areas - believe me I ran a pioneer shovel on 50 miles of road there alone.

I just pictured the ugliness of a big bridge made of concrete standing in the way of what was once so beautiful a view looked at by millions of tourists. Not to mention all the things the K.G.B. wants to do over there - a garbage dump then the island can sink too. But like all, if it happens then it's done. And if I stay here that much longer I will be one of the first to ride my snow machine to the top of the hills.

Robert McRoberts
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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