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Courtesy rules
by Robert Fruehan


December 05, 2004

In the matter of the slowpokes issue. Courtesy rules, period. There are posted speed limits that are in place because the State of Alaska has deemed it a safe and reasonable speed. Someone's opinion of what a safe speed is should have no bearing on what the law states as the safe speed being. If you do not feel safe enough to drive the speed limit, then frankly you probably should not be in possession of a driver's license! Did you know that you can be cited for driving too far below the posted speed limit? The reason for this is obvious, road rage. If you intentionally drive slower to piss off the person behind you because in "your" opinion he is going too fast (even though he is going 35 in a 50 because you won't obey the posted limit) then you stand a chance of giving the person behind you a case of road rage. Courtesy rules, drive the posted limit or lobby to get the law changed to fit "your" opinion.

Robert Fruehan
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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