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RE: Bridges
by Mark Cowley


December 05, 2004

I too, agree that the bridge to Gravina Island is not in the best interest of the people of Ketchikan... Will the city or borough receive or generate an income from this proposed bridge.....? If not then, are the benefits of building a bridge to the airport really worth the expense.....? Who will pay for the maintenance and upkeep of it....? If the city or borough is not collecting any money from this bridge then how could this possibly benefit Ketchikan....?

It would be a much better idea to build a bridge from the backside of the Island to the mainland. That would allow and make it feasible for Industry to operate in Ketchikan... This in turn, would allow growth and development that would bring with it money and jobs! It would also allow the people of Ketchikan an option of driving to points north and south instead of having to pay the outrageous expense of flying or taking the ferries. Ketchikan needs to look to the future and not be dependent on what little they receive from the tourist industry!

As for your remark Mr. Hoff, about the other bridge - from Anchorage to Point MacKenzie - you apparently know little about that project. The bridge from Anchorage to Pt. MacKenzie is a very much needed project that will allow thousands of commuters and commercial vehicles a much faster and needed route to Anchorage from all points north of the Mat-Su valley. If you lived in this area and had to commute to Anchorage as many thousands do daily, you would understand the importance and benefits of such a worthwhile project!.

Mark Cowley
Wasilla, AK - USA


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