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What is that smell?
by Joseph Branco


December 04, 2004

I know! It is the smell of a city going up in flames!

The City Council agenda for Tuesday, December 7th includes budget discussions and actions to be taken on recommendations from city administration. One of the key items for our entire community is a proposed cut of 30% to Ketchikan Visitor's Bureau. That is one very sharp knife carefully applied which will effectively neuter the Visitor s Bureau from marketing to bring new tourism dollars to our community and will likely lead to the loss of existing dollars. One would hope the city council would not seriously consider this recommendation. These are almost all bright people who used to have the interest of our community at heart.

I cannot be the only person in Ketchikan that understands our new economy. Our new economy is heavily reliant on the tourism industry and will continue into the future. But not if we keep closing the doors.

I am not sure what George Lybrand's agenda is with his dual role on Borough Assembly and City Council. His track record says that he votes against everything that might advance this community. As a matter of fact his voting record demonstrates that he is working diligently to eliminate the future of growth and development for the city and the borough. I sincerely hope this is one issue that George actually thinks about before voting to "cut, cut, cut". I believe the other members of the City Council understand the issue and would not be so abysmally stupid as to vote against our future here in Ketchikan.

Joseph Branco
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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