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Bad Press
by ML Dahl


December 02, 2004

Dear Sitnews:

The US Presidential visit to Canada is, naturally, providing the media with a lot of fodder for bad press. After all, good news rarely sells. If you believe everything you see/read/hear in the media, you might conclude that most Canadians truly despise George Bush, America, average Americans and what we stand for as a nation. Not true.

I spend quite a bit of time in Canada and have a lot of Canadian friends. Some like our President, some don't, but like most Americans, they understand that elected leaders come and go, so if they don't agree with a particular US President, he/she will be gone in 8 years at the most. Canadians in general do like Americans, however, regardless of how they feel about our leaders. They like our transparency, our generosity as a people, our "can do" attitude, our enterprising and entrepreneurial gusto, plus they consider us friendly, open and compassionate. They even tell me that they like and envy our patriotism.

The bottom line is that Canada and the US have always had a close relationship and will continue to do so. Because we share a border, basic free societies, democratic governments, and because our values as people of both nations are, in fact, more similar than not, we will always be friends.

And, if the worst ever did happen to Canada, US soldiers would be willing to defend and die for her. That is the measure of true friends, no matter what you hear from the media.

ML Dahl
Ketchikan, AK - USA



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