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Alaska Salmon Marketing Grants Announced


December 19, 2003
Friday - 12:55 am

Alaska Governor Frank Murkowski on Thursday announced the list of preliminary award winners for the 2003 Alaska Salmon Marketing Grant Program being administered by the Department of Community & Economic Development. The awards are part of the Governor's $50 million Fisheries Revitalization Strategy, a multi-year, multi-level plan that includes, among other things, an aggressive, international marketing program for wild Alaska salmon.

Governor Frank H. Murkowski and Labor Commissioner Greg O'Claray show the packaging for a new wild Alaskan salmon product, pink salmon burgers.

"This marketing grant program is designed to support the salmon industry's best thinking to expand existing markets and support emerging product forms," said Murkowski.

The matching grants were available to three categories of applicants. In the "major" category, the state is providing $7.4 million for projects to move large volumes of salmon, particularly pink salmon. In the "mini" category, the state will seek to provide $1.3 million. In the "micro" category, the state is proposing approximately $260,000 in projects funded.

Grants were open to Alaska businesses with a fisheries business license. Businesses without the fisheries business license could apply as a co-applicant with businesses holding the appropriate license. Match requirements ranging from 25 percent to 50 percent based on the applicant category. The State of Alaska received more than 115 grants requesting in excess of $20 million.

Projects receiving funding ranged from under $3,000 for support of fishermen marketing activities to over $1 million for a pink salmon burger promotion. All awards are preliminary and subject to negotiation. Several applications remain under consideration by the Department.


AWARD LIST Applicant (Co-Applicant) Project Preliminary Award*


Major Category

American Seafoods (Bumble Bee) Bumble Bee Canned Salmon Label & Packaging Update $37,500

Icicle Seafoods Honey Boy and Black Top brand marketing $765,000

Icicle Seafoods Ship Ahoy brand marketing $210,000

Leader Creek Fisheries Western Alaska Sockeye Marketing Plan $520,000

NorQuest Seafoods Alaska-Made Specialty Products for Japan $196,500

NorQuest Seafoods Alaskan Salmon Salad Sampling Program $181,000

NorQuest Seafoods Launch National Distribution Campaign Shelf-Stable Smoked Salmon Pouch $779,000

NorQuest Seafoods Live-Processed Alaska Salmon Products $37,250

NorQuest Seafoods Marinated Alaska Salmon Portions $271,800

NorQuest Seafoods Opening New Frontiers for Alaska Wild Salmon in the Growing East Coast Market $356,250

Ocean Beauty Canned Pink $894,700

Ocean Beauty Pillar Rock Pouch $1,059,975

Ocean Beauty Smoked Salmon $402,900

Ocean Beauty Sockeye Salmon Portions $173,500

Peter Pan Peter Pan Canned Salmon Market Expansion $55,000

Peter Pan Tall Pink Promotion under "Double Q" Brand $307,500

Trident Seafoods Alaskan Salmon Burger Costco Promotional Program $1,068,000

Trident Seafoods Canned Salmon Label Revision $28,625

Trident Seafoods Canned Salmon Retail Product Sampling $77,500

Total Major Projects = $7,422,000


Mini Category

Arctic Paws, LLC 2004 Tradeshow Marketing Plan $50,000

Bering Sea Fishermen's Association Kotzebue Sound Arctic Salmon Marketing Program $50,000

Deep Creek Custom Packing, Inc. DCCP Marketing for Revitalization $66,500

Desire Fish Co. Web site design, travel, equipment purchase $15,000

Icy Strait Seafoods Marketing flavored ikura $15,000

Indian Valley Meats Alaska Salmon Jerky Made from Pink and Chum Salmon $50,000

Leader Creek Fisheries (Chulyen Corporation) North Americans Like Alaskan Sockeye Too! $17,650

Northern Keta Caviar Salmon Caviar Marketing to the European Union with Emphasis on the Organic Health Food Market $98,868

Salamatof Seafoods (Alaska Salmon Purchasers Inc.) Packaging and Market Development Project $30,000

Sea Products, LLC Marketing smoked salmon sausage $100,000

Seafood Producers Coop/ E.C. Phillips and Son/ Honnah Cold Storage/ Triad Fisheries Ltd. (Alaska Troll Salmon Processors Assoc.) Marketing Wild Alaska Hook & Line-Caught Salmon in Japan $186,000

Signature Seafoods Chum and Pink Salmon Market Expansion $100,000

Signature Seafoods (TKO Fisheries Ltd.) (WildCatch) WildCatch Retail $154,000

Snug Harbor Seafoods Snug Harbor Branded Salmon Project $19,089

Sockeye Alaska Expanding High-Value Markets for Wild Alaska Salmon $25,000

Trappers Creek Smoking Co. Inc. Taste Alaska's Best Wild Alaska Salmon Jerky $175,000

Wrangell Seafoods Inc. Marketing Wrangell fresh, frozen & canned salmon $125,000

Total Mini Projects = $1,277,107


Micro Category

Alaska Wild Salmon Company Marketing contract for fresh fillets, smoked coho & pet treats $8,000

Alaska Wildsides Label design, web page, promotional tours $18,800

American Surf N' Turf Alaska Fish Hugger $17,625

Cape Cleare Fishery Cape Cleare Proposal $19,000

Dejon Delights, Ltd. Dejon Delights Rhode Island Marketing $7,125

Elfish Company Alaska Salmon: Wild by Nature $14,500

Five Girls Fish Co. Alaskan Fisherman's Direct Sales $16,500

Gil Fish Co. Travel to small retail markets and test shipments $4,700

Horst Seafood Horst Seafood Marketing Plan: web site and travel $10,000

Interior Alaska Fish Processors, Inc. Yukon River Salmon Marketing $16,150

Kodiak Island Smokehouse Kodiak Island Smokehouse Wild Alaska Salmon Marketing Plan $2,475

Kodiak Wild Fish Company Marketing Ready to Eat Pink Salmon $25,000

Lofoten Fish Company Marketing design, website travel for tourists and restaurants $6,841

Maxcy Fishing Company/Wild Salmon Inc. (Wild By Nature LLC) Copper River Salmon, Window to Alaska's Treasures $20,000

Minnesota Connection Marketing Kodiak coho and pink salmon $22,000 Pacific Pleasures Pacific Pleasures Market Up Grades $7,800

Smoky Bay Fisheries Vacuum-packed sockeye marketing $13,000

Troller Point Fisheries Go Wild $16,000

Wind and Tide, Inc. Rose Fisheries Product Promotion $18,050

Total Micro Projects = $263,566



Note: *All preliminary awards are subject to negotiation between the State and applicant.


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