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Former Ketchikan Resident Markets New Game


December 18, 2003
Thursday - 12:45 am

Seattle, WA - Former Ketchikan, Alaska resident Mark Davis has recently released a new downloadable game software for Palm and Palm OS based organizers, phones and other

Mark Davis

Mark Davis playing his new creation "WORDHACK" on a Palm 3c...
Photo courtesy Marvin Davis
PDA's. His new game software "WORDHACK" is currently being reviewed within the California educational system and Davis is upbeat regarding his latest creation for handheld devices.

Davis is a 1995 Ketchikan graduate and has been actively programming since age 7. Since graduation, he has pursued a career in software development and testing in the Seattle area, including several stints working at Microsoft facilities developing and testing Direct X applications and programs.

Already the holder of one technology patent, Davis' latest copyrighted commercial downloadable software "WORDHACK" is designed as both an educational and entertainment game and is available for purchase through the Palm web site and

"WORDHACK" is soon to be released for both PC based and Gameboy units. According to Davis' software web site, "WORDHACK" is an incredibly simple, yet insanely addictive word game. "WORDHACK" combines elements of Tetris, Scrabble and Boggle in a multi-level capability game that allows users from basic reading age to age 99 to play and enjoy. Children can play a slow game of "WORDHACK" as they learn to read and experts can play at a breakneck and addictively frustrating pace. "WORDHACK" would make an excellent gift choice for even a non-gamer according to information provided on the web site.

Davis has provided a trial version of "WORDHACK" for play for two unlimited game sessions. To play the trial version, to learn more about Davis' latest creation, or to purchase Davis' game software, visit "WORDHACK".




"WORDHACK" - Mark Davis


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