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Court Denies Reconsideration Request by Friends of Animals


December 11, 2003
Thursday - 1:15 am

Juneau, AK - Tuesday, a superior court judge denied the Friends of Animals' motion to reconsider the court's decision denying their request to indefinitely halt the Department of Fish and Game's aerial predator control program near McGrath.

The court maintained its previous order permitting the control program to proceed. The Friends of Animals, et al., argued that in denying their request, the court misconstrued the applicable law and misread facts.

"This is a good ruling that will allow the Department of Fish and Game to proceed with a responsible and sorely needed wildlife management program," Attorney General Gregg Renkes commented. "It is important to remember that this program will be carried out by local people and other Alaska citizens with local knowledge and the objective of maintaining a healthy moose population so they and their neighbors can feed their families."

The court already upheld the Board of Game's right to issue aerial wolf hunting permits last week after the plaintiffs obtained a temporary restraining order on the action. In that decision, the court found the group did not raise serious and substantial questions regarding the legality of the Board's actions.

The Board of Game created the predator control program to restore the moose population critical to subsistence users near the McGrath area.


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