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Public comment period ending today

By Shelley Stallings

November 05, 2018
Monday PM

Under President Trump, the Department of the Interior, lead by Ryan Zinke (currently under investigation by the Justice Department for ethics violations) is proposing a roll back of protection of wildlife in Alaska’s national parks and reserves.

I ask anyone concerned with this issue to take advantage of public comment period ending November 5th to let the Department of the Interior know how you feel about ending protection of wildlife in our National Parks.

I have provided the URL to make your comments:

Shelley Stallings
Ketchikan, Alasks

About: former major in Wildlife Biology at Colorado State University

My comments to the Department of Interior attached below:

As a resident of Alaska for over 40 years I have watched the commitment of both the State of Alaska and the federal government to the protection of wildlife, especially the important apex predators decline year after year. Alaska Governor Jay Hammond, a former predator control officer, understood the importance of predators in the web of life and advocated for the protection of predators as a way of insuring the health of all wildlife and the entire ecosystem and he advocated for strong protection of these predators (primarily bears and wolves).  But more recent Alaska governors have not had the scientific, on the ground, knowledge and have lacked a sense of stewardship to protect wildlife in Alaska. The recent Trump administration seems to being doing everything they can to roll back protection of America's amazing bounty of natural resources, including the wildlife of Alaska. This is not acceptable to me. I ask that the Department of the Interior end its efforts to rescind protection of wildlife on Federal land in Alaska.   signed Shelley Stallings



Editor's Note:

This letter has been updated to accurately reflect the letter submitted by Mr. Stallings. The Editor made a mistake in the publication of the first letter. The first pararagraph originally published by the editor with this letter was not a part of the letter submitted and has been deleted by the editor. The letter now reflects the letter as originally submitted. Apologies have been extended to Mr. Stallings for my mistake.


Received November 02, 2018 - Published November 05, 2018

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