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Vote Dunleavy for Governor

By Rob Holston

November 02, 2018
Friday AM

The arguments on the issue of abortion are always clouded with misleading terminology and incomplete acceptance of science. Begich is 100% in favor of a woman's reproductive rights and 0% in favor of men's reproductive rights, 0% in favor of a pre-born human life's rights.  Begich hides behind the phrase "woman's health" when claiming that all women have the right to kill their pre-born babies.

Pregnancy is NOT a disease and the fetus should not be treated like an unwanted tumor.  Neither is the fetus "part of the woman's body".  Science proves the ‘baby to be’ has its own distinctive DNA and is NOT the same as the woman's.  If it was the same DNA, then her argument of being a "Part of My Body" would be proven by science.  Science DIS-Proves her claim. 

Any discussion of abortion should at least consider the innocent life of the baby and the reproductive rights of the man.  Mark Begich doesn’t even acknowledge their existence, let alone as to them having any rights. 

Begich has made a $25,000 donation to Planned Parenthood whose main business it is to kill unwanted and INNOCENT pre-born human life. 

These are important considerations when deciding to vote for Pro-Life, Pro-Science, Mike Dunleavy instead of Mark Begich.


Rob Holston
Ketchikan, Alaska



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Received October 29, 2018 - Published November 02, 2018

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