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Vote for Mark Begich

By Don Mitchel

November 02, 2018
Friday AM

Dear Editor,

Mike Dunleavy seems to have one priority, cutting the State Budget. The problem is he’s been trying that strategy and it’s failed. He already led that charge and cut our State services about 30%, and cut Capital projects (that provide infrastructure for the future) 78% without agreeing to any comprehensive budget solutions. What did this strategy lead to? Declining services for the fishing industry, the elderly, the court system, public safety, ferries, education, and a broken economy. With the Alaskan economy one of the worst in the country - highest unemployment rate, population declining, cost of living increasing - additional Dunleavy cuts make no sense. Because of our economy, budget problems and poor State services, Alaska was ranked as the worst State in the U.S. to do business. He still says he wants more cuts before any revenue options are considered. Yet he already had his turn at this strategy before quitting as a legislator, and it didn’t work. He helped create the problems he now claims he can fix with the same solutions? It’s complete nonsense.This radical candidate has only one trick - blind ideology in cuts. Dunleavy’s proposals make no sense, and Alaskans should not support him for Governor.

Dunleavy now claims we can have public safety and fisheries support, along with increased PFD, and keep our Permanent Fund for the next generation. His track record says otherwise - he will cut the Alaskan Court System, cut Fish & Game, and raid the Permanent Fund. Dunleavy makes no sense unless his goal is to leave nothing for future generations. Dunleavy is not a fiscal conservative, he is a fiscal radical who doesn’t believe in a sensible budget for all Alaskans. What will happen when the stock market with Alaska’s Permanent Fund declines, or oil production and prices fall again? Dunleavy has no plan for fiscal stability, which is bad for business. Huge deficits will continue and our government and economy will be crippled if we follow his plan. The cut-everything Dunleavy approach makes no sense for Alaskans, and would be a disaster for our economy, our schools, our fisheries, and our public safety.

The U.S. tried to cut it’s way out a receding economy once, and it led to the Great Depression. That’s why Republicans and Democrats didn’t follow this path 10 years ago, and were able to pull us out of the Recession. Dunleavy clearly doesn’t understand this, as he’ll follow his blind ideology of budget cuts above any pragmatic approach to solving our economic woes and budget challenges. His approach will not work for building a stronger Alaska for hardworking Alaskans. His plan makes no sense. Dunleavy is tall, but he only stands for cutting our essential services and depressing our economy. The other guy is not a great choice but a far better choice. Vote for the other guy. Vote for Mark Begich.

Don Mitchel
Ketchikan, Alaska



Editor's Note:

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Received October 31, 2018 - Published November 02, 2018

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