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By David G Hanger


November 07, 2017
Tuesday PM

Down the road here three dozen miles or so some moron walked into a Baptist church and killed 26 people including 14 children. About 18 hours after the event, i.e. in time for the Monday morning talk shows and news shows it had been labeled “the worst mass killing in a place of worship in the history of the United States.” Within four hours of the event the governor of the state of Texas arrived on the scene and politicized it, then introduced his entourage who each had their little speech to give, followed by first responders, who once again grandiosely performed janitorial services.

Thus to the meaning of the event per this governor guy and certain ministers on the scene: “It matters not whether you understand; God does understand. That is what is important.” This is to remind us that there is evil in the world, and it is for us to turn our eyes from man to God. Babies must die because God wants to remind us that there is evil in this world.

Just a nut job. Ain’t guns that cause this stuff, hell no. It’s nut jobs. We just gotta keep guns out of the hands of nut jobs. That’s the solution. But just in the last five years cops have gone crazy, doctors, housewives, psychiatrists (whoops, they’re already crazy), lawyers. Remember the crazy astronaut lady in love who wore diapers to drive cross-country desperately chasing her forlorn love? (“Go before you go or don’t go at all” seems to be a subject she missed.) How does one determine who is going to go over the edge next?

It does not matter. The Lord has taken them back to Him, so it’s all OK. Just pray. Pray for Las Vegas, pray for Sutherland Springs, and practice now your prayers for the next one. Do you even remember their names, these killers? I remember Charlie David Whitman and Timothy McVeigh, that’s it. They are all forgotten so quickly. Haven’t heard Alex’s take yet.

5.56mm, man, you can carry so much of the stuff. 20-round, 30-round, 40-round mags, wow; and they are not really all that noisy. Semi-auto to easily modifiable full-auto, for a cyclical rate of fire in excess of 600 rounds a minute. This is only limited by the change of magazines, so carrying two of these toys and allowing for re-load time, simple enough to get off 200 to 250 rounds a minute. (That’s one guy.)

So now it’s 14 babies and children in a church, your turf, O Great Ones. Will you be selling tickets to the next gunman’s gig, unconcerned because they get to heaven sooner? Blame it on the crazies, not recognizing that you, O Great Ones, might be a little nuts, too? Or might somehow you who seem so concerned about stamping out evil take note of the fact that the tool itself is evil?

More than six hundred casualties in less than ten minutes. Forty-six casualties in much less time than that. On impact the bullet commences to disintegrate as thousands of tiny metal fragments contaminate the wound track, hardly optimal as a hunting weapon. These are man-killers designed for the battlefield, “soul expediters,” thus returning them to God sooner, it’s all good. RIGHT?

Not likely one could throw hand grenades fast enough or far enough to inflict 600 casualties; folks tend to depart the scene too fast for that. RPGs and anti-tank guided missiles could take out a passenger jet, but otherwise would do only local damage, so 2 or 3 up to 200 casualties say. We might as well make all of these legal, too. There seems no logical reason to outlaw these weapons designed for the sole purpose of killing people when we allow combat assault weapons, also designed for the sole purpose of killing people, capable of inflicting 600 casualties, or hundreds more than any of these other weapons systems can inflict in a short period of time.

So lots of new opportunity for prayer, but I am curious. Will you be praying for the longevity of the living, or for sending them to heaven sooner? Thus more opportunities for prayer. RIGHT?

Damn, a growth industry at last.

David G Hanger
Ketchikan, Alaska



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Received November 07, 2017 - Published November 07, 2017

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