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Democratic Party Wrecked

By David G. Hanger


November 15, 2016
Tuesday AM

Hillary Clinton, just disappear, I never want to hear your name again. You are the biggest loser in the history of this country, and your vanity and incompetence have just sent the whole kit-and-kaboodle over the cliff.

So begone. Let your name never be heard or mentioned again except in analytical studies of colossal failure. Your pathetic ego and the rigged deal the DNC put together have wrecked the whole Democratic party. It no longer exists in the south, in Alaska, and in huge swaths of territory across the hinterlands. Nor can it come back so long as you and your entourage are still around. So seriously, get lost.

“I cannot tell a lie,” begins that little fable about George Washington taught to so many Americans as children, among the litany of lifestyle tomes used to create what once was called “character” in an individual. But no more. What terrible parents I had; what a terrible example I have made; for the road to success and maximum reward in this society is to be a misogynistic racist puke who discards women like used tissue paper, who lies about everything and never even tries to tell the truth, who never pays taxes and steals from everyone, and hardly even knows how to read. And this blindly egocentric idiot has his finger on the button that blows up the bomb.

Donald Trump did not just beat you; he waxed you. He wiped out the whole Democratic party in his wake. What an achievement, loser! Benghazi. Benghazi. Benghazi. Take the high road, and you never once made the comment that should have been made, that it was a Republican Congress that defunded embassy security, not you. Emails out the squazoo; 650,000 of them on Anthony Weiner’s computer shared by his idiot wife. You are running for President of the United States and you don’t have the sense to fire Weiner’s wife before you even start to run???? What the hell!

From the Democratic National Committee on down it is time to fire everyone associated with the Clintons. Clean sweep, get rid of the lot. Time to hear from Martin O’Malley and others; time for the future, not the past.

For the example now set for one and all for God knows how many generations is to be a liar, a cheat, a thief, a fraud, a dirt bag who only thinks about himself, the exemplar of contemporary behavior and conduct, the example to follow to be a success. My parents were terrible; they taught me to be honest, to use my talent to help others, and what a bad example they have set. I followed their example and have been honest in all my dealings with other people. What a bad example I have set. Lie, cheat, steal, and lie some more about doing it, that is the contemporary road to success.

David G Hanger
Ketchikan, Alaska

Received November 10, 2016 - Published November 15, 2016


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