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Freedom of Religion, Our First Amendment Right

By Norbert Chaudhary


November 20, 2015
Friday PM

There are many talking of banning Syrian refugees because they are Moslem... Am a bit shocked at another Fox fueled state of hysteria that so many are buying into. What part of "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof" are our elected leaders forgetting? I truly believed after the Ebola thing and countless other episodes of phony fear based lies - the American people would have learned the difference between Facts and Fox.

If we chose to disregard the founding fathers - who fervently believed in the freedom of religion and put their lives on the line defending that freedom - then surely we have allowed the terrorists another victory. Can't everyone see this? We hurt ourselves more than than any terrorists ever have or ever will. And with this knee-jerk hysteria - we are giving them a big win.

After 9/11 we lost our privacy, some of our freedoms and many of our rights. The terrorists didn't take them away - we allowed our Government to do so in the name of "security".

Should we now give up our freedom to worship in this this moment of hysteria?
Because that is what is happening right now, right here. The bottom line is this:

There are political leaders who are willing to allow our Government to regulate which religions are correct and which aren't. They are attempting to pass laws regulating immigration based on religion.

Our Founding Fathers would roll over in their graves if they ever heard we even having this discussion. SHAME! Shame on those Fear Mongers assaulting our constitutional rights. Shame on those who call themselves Americans for buying into this.

The tactics being used - and the effect on the populace - are not so far off of what happened when the Nazi's took power in Germany. Control the people with fear, find a religious scapegoat and persecute them all...

While we all desire an easy, simple and straight forward solution to the troubles in the Arab World today - the hard truth is - There is no Western solution.

We can assist to a certain extent (before our "assistance" ((bombing)) becomes yet another reason to hate the west) but the ground combat must be done by those that live there. We can't "take" territory and then hand it to whomever. The locals have to bleed for their own land, for their own stability, for their own peace and for their own futures. (As the Kurds have done and are doing) - We can't give them this, we can't impose this - the solution to a region wide Arab ethnic, tribal and religious war - must be an Arab solution - if it is to succeed. This truth is what too many are missing.

It is arrogant of us to believe that the USA can control everything that happens on this planet.

While our left and our right may point the finger of blame at each other - no one else in the world is paying any attention to our self destructive stupidity. And no one other than the a few members of the GOP are calling for American Global Leadership...

Frankly - I think our friends and allies are still recovering - and paying for - our last attempt at "global leadership". We have some skin in this but for the most part - this is Arab / Moslem problem that they themselves need to solve.

Think hard before allowing your elected folks to limit religious freedom - and take us into another ruinous war.

Norbert Chaudhary
Ketchikan, Alaska


Received November 19, 2015 - Published November 20, 2015



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