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Property Taxes
By Mike Fay


November 30, 2012
Friday PM

I was stunned last year when I got my tax bill for my 20-30' wood cabin way out in Misty Fiords on the Unuk River, almost $1000. That is of course after the Ketchikan Borough annexed the properties on the Unuk into the Borough just a few years ago. There is no fire service, no schools, no investment up there whatsoever and yet we are paying more and more every year.

We see it everywhere in the country, if you can just keep spending and raising taxes you will as a bureaucrat. Myself I am done and am going to make an official complaint to the Borough. Others should follow.

I also think people need to think twice before they vote for very costly projects like pools and libraries. I would rather be able to buy a wetsuit to swim with and books on Amazon that I can keep.

I would willingly pay $200 property tax for my cabin, but $1000 a year now to go up, that is nuts.

Mike Fay
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Live on the Unuk River"

Received November , 2012 - Published November 30, 2012

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