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Tax & spend
By Ed Plute


November 30, 2012
Friday PM

Wonder why taxes are going up when in the water division, for example, you have a $300,000 break-room which should not have cost any more than $10,000 max. If officials can afford to spend our money like this, why would they not dare think of raising taxes? Is everybody asleep in Ketchikan? Hold them accountable.

I love Ketchikan I will stick up for you. Please start asking questions. Where is all this money actually going, look at the books. You shake your head and asked why these things cost so much. Deep pockets spending while emptying yours. This is not just my opinion, look at the books.

There will be a petition in December requesting an audit committee look at the Gateway Borough and the City of Ketchikan's books. The petition should be finalized by December 10 and can be signed by any voter or non-voter. If the people request, it is a part of Alaska Constitution.

I will write one letter explaining in detail the petition and how it could be signed.

Thank you,

Ed Plute
Seattle, WA

About:"Ran for mayor of Ketchikan, Alaska & was on board of ethics Seattle, Washington"

Received November 29, 2012 - Published November 30, 2012





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