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By Rob Holston


November 23, 2012
Friday PM

Sorry Paul, I don't see the comparison of Roe V Wade with crossing Ketchikan Creek. I do see several valid comparisons between Roe V Wade being the "law of the land" and other "Laws of the Land" observed as pathetic reminders of our historical past & present. Here are a few: women are property; only property owners can vote; slaves can be purchased, held, sold or killed; natives can be killed or put on reservations; Jews can be killed (by the millions); pre-born children can be killed (by the 10's of millions).

As for scorning women, I have deep compassion for women who have had abortions and for those facing an unwanted pregnancy and knowing that abortion is killing an innocent child. Most women don't know they are pregnant until week 6 or 8 and most abortions happen after week 10 to 12 or latter with a method sometimes referred to as dilation and evacuation. The final step of this procedure is the counting of the body parts left floating in the stainless steel basin after the dismembering and removal.

Prochoice groups are opposed to any pregnant woman having this knowledge or even seeing her own sonogram. They propagate the lies that the fetus is just a "blob of tissue" (not true), can not feel pain (not true), is part of her body (not true); that the abortion has no risks (not true).

I'm actually very much pro-choice in that I feel, IF women had FULL knowledge of the truth about her pregnancy and the best options for her baby, that few would be so selfish as to choose abortion. It is a matter of scientific and social education.


Rob Holston
Ketchikan, AK


Received November 20, 2012 - Published November 23, 2012

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