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Unwanted Pregnancies
By Chris Elliott


November 23, 2012
Friday PM

My apologies to Mr. Jarvi. When he asked Mr. Holston to "convince the males...not to start the problem...", I thought he was talking about males taking responsibility for birth control. In response to Ms. Irizarry’s comments, I say (sans sarcasm): While conceiving is a 50-50 proposition, in the case of an unwanted pregnancy, it is almost always the female who shoulders the responsibility for the child.

Right or wrong, the baby daddies are reluctant fathers and paying child support for 18 years is something they do their best to avoid. If the mother is lucky, the Child Support Enforcement Division will collect child support for her if they can corner the father and he's employed. The single mother still ends up trying to juggle work and child care. It’s a tough go.

In a perfect world, everyone would "man up." Unfortunately, in the real world, the woman ends up on the short end of the stick.  It is very much to her advantage to take control of her body and protect herself from unwanted pregnancies rather than relying on any man to do so.  Real men wear protection but they are apparently in short supply.

Chris Elliott
Ketchikan, AK


Received November 20, 2012 - Published November 23, 2012

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